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From an early age, there was one thing that I knew about myself. That the need to create and bring some beauty into this world. Though over the years that expression has remained the same my art has taken some darker tones in some areas. Thgouh some purity does stay in much of what makes up my design aesthetic and style.


Born and raised New Yorker this eventually led to my entry in the fashion world as a handbag designer. Which also in my free time would continue with producing bags of my own to sell. Thanks to that design background also led to my eventual projects into graphic design as well. Of course, all this time never forgetting my original love of illustration and sci-fi which has consumed my artistic obsession as of

late. Most notable with the short story project that has been evolving known as The Hardwon Chronicles.


Eventually, I had left New York for a whole new world in Vietnam. First in Hanoi and Now Ho Chi Minh City is my current home. Here Another passion blossomed into an active hobby with leading craft beer tours and brewing my own concoctions at home based on ancient brewing ideas. 


Here I look forward to what my future holds and see where it will take me. Of course, one thing will always remain.


My need to create.

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